Monday, January 29, 2007

I just set up my treadmill!!

I'm part of a shopping club that meets every month. I won for January and hadn't spent my money I got Michael to pick up the cheap, manual treadmill that Superstore has this week.

It's manual for sure. And I'm out of shape for sure. But, I'm dedicated to getting healthy and if this will help me manage my maniac stress/anxiety issue, then cheap, manual, foldable treadmill it is. I'm not the person who's gonna go for a walk...with 2 or 4 children in tow. So much for stress relief!

I've decided that I have to avoid the morning chaos for a while. I'll make Josh's lunch the night before, but I have to wait until some of the whirling dervish that is the morning dissipates before I can come downstairs. Maybe that'll be the perfect time to treadmill??

Hope I don't break a hip! LOL

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