Saturday, January 13, 2007

Day of chillaxin'

Ahhh, that was a nice day! Note how many times I use leisure in this enrapturing commentary :p

Michael is heading down to Canmore soon to hang out with a bunch of old high school buddies. He found a great 2 story condo at a resort there and since it's off season, he's getting a screaming deal. He suggested I find a friend and go there to check it out...this weekend. Uhh, not really that feasible. So, I suggested a variation of his idea.

I took today off. :)

I slept in (till 9 - I suck at sleeping in). I talked to my best friend while lounging in bed, a la my single years. I had a leisurely shower...even plucked my eyebrows! Amazing, I tell ya.
Then, I met Miriam for a leisurely brunch at the Queens Atrium. Then I bought two cool new necklaces to add to my expanding cool necklace collection. Then I bought a couple of books recommended by my new doctor (another story unto itself). Then I leisurely, doodled around Southgate, bought some lipgloss at M.A.C. (another foray into the unknown). Booked myself a full body massage at Eveline Charles for Thursday - to use up the remainder of a gift card I've been carrying in my wallet for ....uhhh...3 years or so (oops). It was just a lazy, delightful, self absorbed day of goodness. I got home at 5:30, the babysitter came at 6:00 and Mick and I went to That's Aroma for dinner.

That, my friends, was my kind of day. I really could handle being a lady of leisure!!!

Leisure is good.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That is awesome! I am happy for you.

Could sure use a day like that myself. Guess the kids were with Michael all day? I need Josh to read this post.

Ahhh...massages...could use one right about now too. I got money from my mom for Christmas for just such a spoilage. I need to finally book an appointment.

That weekend away sounds good - could I get some more info on that? Josh and I have been wanting to take the kids for a bit of a trip. Would love to get a condo like that. Can you give me a name and number for that place? THANKS!

have a great week. hope there will be more moments of leisure - if not a whole day.

Anonymous said...

Leisure - I think I may have forgotten what that's like.

Bag O' Beans said...

Here's the link for the place
It looks pretty luxurious!

Anonymous said...

thanks, Stacey!

it's actually a great deal for a few adults sharing the cost but for our family, it's kind of expensive. Looks amazing, though!

How about a girls weekend getaway? Wouldn't that be AMAZING?!?!