Thursday, April 26, 2007

Our first step

I saw Dr. K today. She went over all my test results and determined that the first step needs to be getting my endocrine system repaired. My body is really fatigued from years of misdiagnosed Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Dr. K doesn't want to move quickly. She said she wants me to start feeling better before she starts the heavy duty stuff. She said that I would hate her if she didn't start slowly. So, I have a whole schwack of homeopathic medications and supplements that I have to start taking, as well as a diet plan for parasympathetic metabolic types (that's me).

There are a lot of other issues. My body isn't really processing anything properly. I had a heavy metals urine test today. No heavy metals were detected. But, my electrodermal screening indicated that I have high levels of heavy metals in my body. Dr. K suspects that my system is so sluggish that it's not even trying to excrete them anymore. My liver is completely congested. As well as pretty much every other filter - so that's going to be coming up. I guess there's a certain amount of purging that goes on and I'm just not in a position of strength to deal with that.

She had some interesting information about my root canal. Also my silver filings. And we got into how our life experiences can cause physical problems. It seems kind of flighty, but nobody denies that when you're nervous your stomach plays games. Or stress can bring on headaches...really just the same concept. I suspect that my inability to let things go in my life is the main culprit behind why my body is unable to let things go. My emotional issues are manifesting themselves in my body.

I start tomorrow. I can't wait!

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