Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The costs outweigh the benefits

I left the house this morning. I know, I know...that shouldn't be newsworthy, but since having the babies I try to avoid it at all costs. Sadly, I'm a really social person. I really lose something when I'm locked in the house all day. But, I've done it to myself. I just can't manage taking them out. There's two of them. Do you realize that?? There is one of me and two of them. The numbers ain't lookin' good. And, most days I feel like only 1/2 because my energy level is so really, it's just a lose/lose/lose situation.

But anyway...we left the house this morning. We went to a ladies brunchy thing. There was daycare. Now that's a win/win/win situation. As we were leaving the daycare Meghan was crying. The woman kindly told me to not worry about her, she'd be okay...LOL...funny how your empathy/compassion goes right down the shitter with 4 kids. I know she'll be fine. She's got her gangie and her brother...there's not much else she needs. I didn't think twice.

Then we got home. My friend helped me unload them from the van. Matthew beetled off towards the slew that is our backyard - so I unload Meg, notice where Matthew is headed, put her on the ground and start for him. Dumb, dumb, dumb...Meghan took off - almost like she was saying "see ya suckers" - before you knew it she was 6 houses away - I'm hollering for Sarah to go catch her, cause this old ass can't run as fast as a toddler, particularly not a Meg toddler. I grab Matthew. Sarah grabs Meg. We come in house. Sarah puts my purse on the floor. 30 seconds later the contents are strewn across the landing and Matthew is doodling in my chequebook. Sigh.

So, the moral of the story is that the costs of taking them places seems to outweigh the benefits of staying home where it's safe and a controlled environment.

Sadly, we all really need more time out of the house. Anyone know any good cloners?? Hell, I don't even need a good one...just any one will do.

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