Thursday, May 31, 2007

Seattle and youtube discovery

Seattle was beautiful. We were staying right on the Harbour, just up the hill from Pike's Market. Stunning city! It was wonderful to see my friends and meet the ones I hadn't met. It was all wonderful!

Now, I'm totally in love with the movie Moulin Rouge. It was on TV the other day and I tell ya, it knocks my socks off. So, in my need for some of the soundtrack I youtubed the movie and played the final "Come What May" scene. Well, dammit, the kids just crowded around the computer, absolutely mesmerized! Hot damn! Kinda like Teletubbies, but less mind numbing! So, throughout the day I tested my theory and sure enough, as soon as Nicole Kidman sung the first line, Matthew flew into the room and just stood there, glued to the screen. Life is good.

I totally get to satisty my JAM tooth too. Hours and hours of Jim Krasinski is never a bad thing!

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