Monday, December 18, 2006

Tis the season to be overwhelmed

Kid Christmas concerts.

Snack exchanges.

Mailing gifts.

Wrapping gifts.

Worrying about the gifts I don't have.

A sick puppy.

A trashed house.

Volunteering obligations I made when I was apparently half out of my that I'm completely out of my mind I can't figure out what I was thinking...

etc. etc. etc.

Ahhh, such a joyous season :yuck:


Anonymous said...

yeah, it's been that way for us too. Way too many concerts and events. I'm happy to say that it's pretty much all behind us now. Now I just have to actually get ready for Christmas.

I had quite the bah humbug attitude for most of the season. Then last week Josh and our oldest girl were in a pretty bad car accident. It kinda put things in a different perspective for me. They're both fine, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I get so frustrated by the overwhelming pressure for gifts.

I really hate some family members that expect large, extravagant gifts - the kind that I can't afford, yet they still expect under the tree.

Worse yet is the gift-returners. I ask every year (because I know they return them) if they'd prefer a gift card. They say "no," and that they'd be insulted by a gift card (not personal enough) so I bust my butt trying to find something they would like, only for them to scrunch their nose at it after they shred the paper from the box. So, this tension fills the room, and yet again, everyone is disappointed.

Sick puppy? Oh dear. Does that have something to do with a trashed house?

Bag O' Beans said...

Oh no Helen. I'm glad they're okay. Yikes!!! What happened??

Puppy ate something he shouldn't have - who knows what? And has been squirting everywhere :( I have him tethered to my leg right now because he's just not getting access to anywhere that doesn't have linoleum. Yuck.

Oh, Krista...I know! I just know know know know know. January 1st is gonna be blissful :)

We get to drive out to Calgary and stay in a hotel for 3 days - oh joy oh bliss. But, Michael made a to-do list with me last night, the first time he's been involved in any planning...I think his eyes have been opened. Oy.

Maybe the new year will bring a green tea date with it??? :hopeful:
Assuming you're still off coffee...

All the best ladies :)

Anonymous said...

No longer off coffee, but I do enjoy a green tea latte.
I'm hooked on a vanilla chai latte that I sampled at Second Cup... mmmm...chai.... *drool*

Squirty dog, eh? Nasty.