Saturday, February 20, 2010

4 kids + Saturday morning = Serenity


I'm sitting in my CLEAN (still) bedroom, listening to the mass chaos and contemplating a coffee.  Ooooh, I'm gonna try this and see how it goes...
"Hey Sarah, wanna bring mom a coffee?"
That's my girl.  She's doing it!  And she thinks it's a treat!  I'm torn between coughing *sucker* or just saying Thanks.  I suppose thanks will get me a second cup.

DD is still on a cooking kick.  She made pancakes again this a.m. for everyone.  Dad was particularly excited by this turn of events.  I am a lot of things, but a morning person ain't anywhere on that list - so he was thrilled to get a hot breakfast he didn't have to make himself.  I also, shhhh, don't tell anyone, HATE pancakes.  So, when I do make a hot breakfast it must consist of eggs, bacon, potatoes and bread.  Now THAT'S something to wake up for.

And now we've got the Glee soundtrack playing in the living room.  It's almost like organized chaos out there.  It's probably because I'm not there.  I seem to bring the cuckoo out in everyone.  Maybe I'll play my Journey cassette for them later today and they can hear how Don't Stop Believin' is really supposed to sound.  :P

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bashtree said...

Ha! I am so with you on the morning thing, the breakfast thing, AND the Journey thing. Happy weekend :)