Friday, June 20, 2008

My new doctor

I've been seeing a Dr. in a smallish town 2 hours away from me. He specializes in thyroid disease and complementary medicine. He is an allopath, a dentist, an accupuncturist, a master herbologist, has a designation in chinese medicine and is working towards his full designation as whatever a chinese medicineologist would be called :D

He's doubled my existing thyroid medication. Added in an adrenal supplement as well as B-complex, vitamin C and magnesium. All helpful in healing the adrenals.

Let me just say it again - I LOVE doctors who look beyond the numbers. My numbers tend to suck - so they do look at them, but the regular doctors just never look past the numbers to ask the question "why do they suck so badly?" Why do I swing like a pendulum? Something has to be off, some underlying support system keeps dropping the ball.

Anywho, I'm excited. I am back to taking 1,000,000 pills a day. But, I remember that the best health time of my last decade was when I was seeing Dr. K and Dr. A and taking 1,000,000 pills and tinctures a day. Last time I checked vitamins and minerals are actually required for your body to work properly.

Whoo Hoo!!


MGreet said...

I'm so glad you have a doctor to take care of you. I remember you trials while you lived here in Edmonton. May the new pill combinations make a difference!

Shiny Beamer said...