Sunday, May 25, 2008

This is me and the kids and my new haircut. I thought the jelly would add a nice textural quality to the image, so we smeared it all over their faces. I think it adds a certain jenasayquaw? (that's as good as my french is - I apologize to Mrs What'sherface that failed me in Grade 8)

So, there's the mandatory picture. Now what?? It's been a long time. It's spring. I like spring. My child who is allergic to every possible environmental allergen known to man (minus dogs and cats) does not like spring. Damn eczema.
Spring feels like a time for new beginnings. I always feel a little more hopeful in spring. I look forward to the growth that spring can bring. I'm a hound for growth. I feel like I'm on this never ending quest for Peace. Peace isn't really my best friend. We've met each other a few times, but we tend to be more casual acquaintances than anything else. I want to take it to the next level with Peace. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to woo Peace, but I will get it and I will make it mine. Mark my words.

I've gone through a very cathartic weekend. Excellent for the soul. Nudges me towards Peace just a little bit more. It almost feels like a blockage that didn't allow my air to get all the way down to my belly has been removed. I'm a little more lighthearted. I'm a little more relieved. I'm a little less guilty and I feel comfort. Good things for me to feel. Cause sometimes my innards can be more like a sack o'potatoes than anything else. And if this teeny tiny lightening of my spirit is any indication of what I'm after....damn when I finally nab that Peace for my own, it's going to heaven.

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Shiny Beamer said...

oh, yes, to finally have Peace! I'm with ya on that one. I think I am finally finding out which general direction it is. At least I think I may know the zip code. My question is: why do we have to hunt IT? Why can't it just come and bite us in the ass and then we have the peace virus forever? Wouldn't that be good? Ah well...