Sunday, November 04, 2007

Is it time??

They don't look naughty, do they??

Sheesh, you'd think I was busy or something. I've found myself with a pesky extra hour to do with as I please.

Fallin' back is one of my favourite things. Except when 2 two-year-olds won't sleep. And you have company. And the two-year-olds bedroom is right beside the guests sleeping quarters (aka family room floor - it's luxury baybee). And you take said two-year-olds to your bed. And you, foolishly, think that the little buggers are going to sleep. And you, optimistically, think that thought for approximately 3 hours. And then it's 1:49 and finally the 2 two-year-olds (who are seemingly oblivious to the amazing restraint and generosity of spirit you've shown them *for 3 hours* because they're still breathing and snoring that tiny, sweet snorfy snore that only 2 two-year-olds can snore when they're not rolled up in a carpet and stuffed under the stairs *I digress* )fall asleep. And you think Thank You Jesus and all things Holy and Good. And then it's 4:12 and 1 of the two-year-olds decides that that's good. That's it. He's DONE. And, then you curse said two-year-old under your breath, because you're not the kind of parent who would EVER dream of using expletives around your beautiful, innocent children, even after 2 hours and 15 minutes of sleep, because you channel Mary Poppins and all things Holy and Good *remember* and plus that's just plain wrong, right? And then, the second two-year-old catches wind of the impromptu party that is going on without her and POP! up she is. And you want to poke your eye out with a rusty spoon or uhm, anything you can find - like a dirty diaper...regardless, it wouldn't be pretty...and they stay up. Until noon. Noon o'clock. Which was one o'clock the day before. And you're pretty sure you've been up for 1,000,000 hours give or take a few, cause you're old and these beautiful children are making you older by the minute. And now, cause you have an extra hour - you need to grocery shop. Cause there ain't no rest for the wicked and apparently, even though life can be mind numbingly boring these days, it's becoming increasingly obvious that in the immortal words of the lovely and pure Maria Von Trapp..."somewhere in my youth or childhood...I must've done something REALLY REALLY BAD" *yawn*


Shiny Beamer said...

you really should have left the little buggers in their room! the guests would have survived. :)

they really are so cute, though. who would ever think they could cause such chaos. little buggers!

domesticvixen said...

it's the wind