Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I've started my detox

Woohoo 8^) Well, at least the organ support portion of the program. Three weeks of getting the organs ready to excrete, then a 12 week cleansing that will be broken up into two 6 week protocols.

I'm feeling so much better in my head because of Dr. K, that I, honestly, can't wait to do this.

I see Heather tomorrow. She's an intern at the clinic and she deals with counselling and life skills. I hope to learn some new skills so that I don't feel so overwhelmed just doing the basics that this job of mine entails. I often feel like a 4 year old trying to raise a family. A fairly large family at that! I'm just not equipped...but that sure as hell doesn't help the people who rely on me everyday, now does it??

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