Friday, March 09, 2007

First phase.....CHECK

Michael had an interview last night with the University of Lethbridge.

It lasted 90 minutes. (beats the hell out of that 7-11 interview I had ;) just kidding)

Sounds like he nailed it. I knew he would - he may not be able to take the garbage out with any sort of consistency - but, damn, that man is good at business. His mother says he has the gift of "brown sugar" which, I found out actually is her cute way of really saying bullshit. He has the gift of bullshit and it does him well. He knows how to ruffle feathers and stroke them back into place all at the same time (except with me...but whatever - we're not talking about me :)
And, honestly, they'd be fools to not snatch him up.

The guy he talked to is kind of the top guy, so if he's not interested, then they're not interested, that sort of thing...but the guy said that he needs to warn Michael that the school can be pretty stingy. Michael gave him a few creative ideas to drum up some more dollars. He suggested that UofL guy approach the Arts faculty and get some money from them and Mick can teach Photoshop or one of the other 1,000,000 programs he's a freakin' guru at. He's been teaching at McEwan for years and is damn good at his job, so the UofL guy was impressed with the idea. He hadn't realized the depth and scope of Michael's abilities. (again, undermined daily by that pesky garbage problem).

Anyway - couple of days to hear what UofL thinks. I really hope they think HELL YA! Come on down!!

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