Friday, November 24, 2006


It is really cold in my house. My house is only 6 years old. Why is it so drafty??

Sarah went to play outside. Some fights are not worth having. She came back in 5 minutes later requesting a scarf...tied like that commercial (Reitmans) around her forehead and face. Do I watch too much tv?? So, I tied a scarf like the commercial and sent her back outside. Came back 3 minutes later...
Yep, that would be a grand total of 8 minutes of outside time. LOL.

Oh well, I knew she'd figure it out on her own.


Anonymous said...

My three are home from school today and demanded to go outside. If I don't hear from them in the next ten minutes, I think I might check to see if someone added three snowmen to my yard.

Morrigan said...

I agree very cold out. I subbed today and wash very glad for the indoor recess. I would have had to supervise the long recess. Brr!

Shiny Beamer said...

hey Stacey,

it's me - Helen. Since Krista pointed out that you are now a bloggy-girl, I thought I'd check your site out.

Personally, I think the new houses are much colder than the older ones. Ours is from the '70s and it's toasty. I was in a house tonight that is about the age of yours and I was FREEZING the whole time I was there - I actually went and put on my parka and stayed that way the rest of the evening. Felt a little silly but at least I was warm.


Bag O' Beans said...

Hi Helen!

I remember my grandma and grandpa's house being just super cozy and warm. This place is like an icebox :wahhh:

Nice to "see" you :)